Warriors of Eternity

Lore 5 – Power Heart Gargants

The Great Canyons are the home to monsters terrible and strange, including roper fiends; fire lizards; floating hungers; and the great and mysterious Power Heart Gargants.

The Power Heart Gargants are inconceivably enormous creatures with great, mountainous turtle shells upon their backs. Each Gargant is unique in appearance, sharing the similarity of only their ridiculous size and the thick, natural armor of their rock-like shells. The Power Heart Gargants are extremely territorial and attack all smaller creatures that wander into their habitats. The Power Heart Gargants are also semi-migratory. A Gargant will often find itself roaming the chasms looking for a new home. Sometimes these migratory Gargants will wander close to the southern edges of the chasms, where the Queensguard has established a post in defense of the Elder Brain.

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