Warriors of Eternity

DevLog 1 – What is this?

Warriors of Eternity is a Table Top Role-Playing Game set in a world of Power, Magic, & Technology.  Warriors of Eternity is inspired by your favorite old-school action fantasy cartoons.  The Realm of Eternity is defined by the Power of Eternity, which is accessible to Player Characters through spells, gadgets, and swords forged in magic.

A major design goal for Warriors of Eternity is to pair a light and modular D20 rules framework to exciting new mechanisms for social interactions and team building.  The desired result of the game design is to create a game that will feel familiar to players of the world’s most popular table top role-playing game, while being easier to teach, and satisfying for those who are looking for mechanisms that guide friendships, alliances, and rivalries within the game world.

The Warriors of Eternity vision includes a synergy of rules that allow for smashing bad guys and building relationships, all while being evocative of a fantastic setting of advanced science and incredible magic.

As creator and lead designer of Warriors of Eternity, I will be utilizing this blog to explore the design spaces at the core of the vision for Eternity.  In forthcoming Eternity DevLog posts, I will explore the evolution of the d20 rules systems utilized in the game’s creation, as well as the various goals and ideals behind the development of the game.  As we move further along in the design and iteration of the game, these Eternity DevLog posts will highlight things we have learned through playtesting, iteration, and re-design.

It is my hope that over the course of the next 15 months or so, we will see this game evolve from the #HeManHack where it started into a fun, playable, accessible gaming system that will satisfy the desires of gamers of varying philosophies and interests.

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