Warriors of Eternity

DevLog 3 – QST Launch

Warriors of Eternity QST launched on September 1!  Many thanks to everyone.  Your support has been overwhelming.  You are amazing and I am grateful for you.

There was a mad dash to the launch and I didn’t finish the spells or monsters in time to get them to our hardworking editor.


Shout out to alert reader, Nonplayable, who pointed out the issue that led to publishing QST v1.1.  You can read about the Day-One Patch here.

QST v1.2 is being contemplated and will be assembled in the next week or two. This update will fix a few typographical errors and alphabetize much of the content for ease of reference. The update will also include new content, including pregenerated PCs, easy reference tables, and GM support with examples of play.

Notably, QST v1.2 will feature the following rules errata:

**On page 26, second paragraph under “Power Point System,” delete the words “will use their action to” and add an “s” to the word “spend.” **

Eventually, the QST will be updated to include “Trouble in Force Dome City,” the WoE Quick Start Adventure Kit currently in re-write.

Thank you again for such a Powerful start to Warriors of Eternity! We can’t wait to see what we can create together.

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