TTRPGS – Table Canon

Expectation fuels excitement, but truth is determined by playing the game. Preconceived notions of plot, story, or character do not over ride the narrative that emerges at the table.

This is Table Canon.

It exists only in the very moment of time in which it was created.  Everything before was expectation.  Everything after is memory.

For that one moment, the table shares a discovery, a surprise, a response, laughter, tears.

Each Player’s interpretation, and therefore their memory, will be unique.  This is true even though the experience was shared with others in real time. This is the game.  The memories are the reward for play.

Predetermination robs the table of the game. The shared surprise and emotional response does not include everyone at the table when one of the Players “wrote the story.”

We should all be the writer. We should all be the audience. We create the thing we consume and become an engine of imagination.


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