Infinity Run – Black Hack Dungeon

Finishing up a bunch of old half-finished projects I’ve got sitting in Affinity Publisher now that I’ve found some inspiration. Turned this old isometric map into a little annoying time-loop adventure for The Black Hack. This one could seriously frustrate your players, be sure to check in with them here and there. If they are getting tired or bored of the resets, then do some hand waving and get to one of the epic boss battles.

2 replies on “Infinity Run – Black Hack Dungeon”

Thanks! Meta-strategy can be pretty fun here and there and I enjoy looking for ways to get the meta-player knowledge into the experience of the PC. I’m reconsidering the minions reappearing on every time loop reset. Even if they are easily defeated, rolling initiative over and over for the same fight can get pretty frustrating. That’s the first bit I’d handwave as referee. “Okay. You’ve reset the time loop and find yourself facing the Lobotomized Slaves again. You’re practiced against their stale tactics and take care of them without much fuss. What do you do next?”


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