Warriors of Eternity

Lore 1 – The Power of Eternity

The mighty heroes of legend are gone. The Swords of Power are scattered to the winds. Great evil gathers in the shadows, seeking to claim the Power of Eternity for its own vile purposes.

You are no mighty hero of legend, but you are handy in a scrape. Soon you will discover that the Power of Eternity requires your protection. It is you who must stand against the shadows, stand and fight against those who would corrupt the Power of Eternity. You are not yet a hero of legend, but you are a Warrior of Eternity.

You will utilize your skill with Sword; Tech; Magic; Acrobatics; or Mysticism to seek out the Power of Eternity so that you can harness and protect that Power.  Your quest will undoubtedly be brutal and fraught with the worst kinds of danger.  The forces of evil will attack you from the shadows.  Their schemes will involve vile sorcery and cunning traps.  It is up to you to outwit and outmatch your opponent.  It is up to you to become a stalwart guardian of the Power of Eternity.

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