Warriors of Eternity

Character Class – Wizard

The Power of Eternity can be observed and studied. Wizards commit themselves to the academic pursuit of understanding the Magic Power of Eternity. Through study and practice, Wizards perform works that defy the laws of science. The longer a Wizard commits to study and practice, the greater and stranger their control over the Magic Power of Eternity becomes. The path of the Wizard can be fraught with danger. Students of Magic Power risk the discovery of unforgettable knowledge that can turn them to seek to corrupt the Power of Eternity. All Schools of Magic Power warn that preservation of the Power of Eternity is essential to a Wizard’s studies. A failure to adhere to such a commitment makes one no better than the Grinning Lich himself.


Wizard PCs begin with an understanding of a single school of magic.

A Wizard PC’s Power Save is Magic, their Armor Bonus is +1, & their Hit Die is d6.

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