The Spider Wizard’s Treasures

In an age long forgotten, the Spider Wizard ruled the lands of human and elf. Dark magics summoned by forbidden ritual pacified the citizenry of the imperialist’s holdings. None possessed the knowledge nor the might necessary to rise against the malevolent power and the Spider Wizard reigned on for centuries.

By the Wizard’s hand the artifacts of legend were created. By the Wizard’s oath they were bound to the great sleeping undeath perpetuated within the Spider Crypt. By the Wizard’s will they exist today, untouched by the ravages of time. Millennia have passed since the artifacts of legend were wrought from the arcane forges of unquenchable flame. Their power is ever potent, their bond to their master unbroken.

Ancient Undead Spider Wizard features four brand new magic items for use with The Black Hack role-playing game. Each of the items is a powerful artifact created by, and bound to, the Spider Wizard.

In this blog post I want to introduce you to the four magic items you will find guarded within the halls of the Spider Crypt.

The Serpent

Fangkhal, the Sword of the Serpent, was the first of the great artifacts created by the Spider Wizard. It is the weapon of the Spider Wizard’s ruling arm, used to cut away the chaff from the wheat of the citizenry. The blade is balanced, shining still despite the uncountable turns of the hour glass since the Spider Wizard began to slumber.

Fangkhal, by acid_lich

The Cat

Glorymane, the Helm of the Lion, was created by the Spider Wizard in effort to balance life’s ledgers. The Spider Wizard hoped that the blazing radiant light of the helm could unburden a black soul from the torment of reaping that which was sown in blood, pain, and fear. The helm glows still with righteousness, hidden and protected in the ancient Spider Crypt.

Glorymane, by acid_lich

The Vine

Bramblstav, the Staff of the Vine, was carried by the Spider Wizard as an artifact of office, denoting the Spider Wizard’s rule over all lands where plants could grow. The staff shimmers with bio-luminescent tendrils, it’s twisted length covered in thorns, it’s flowered crown perpetually blossoming in a sickly fragrant beauty. The staff’s power is unchanged and awaits one brave enough to claim it from the Spider Wizard’s treasure rooms.

Bramblstav, by acid_lich

The Spider

Skittertrip, the Weaver’s Amulet, was the final piece crafted by the Spider Wizard, cementing the eternal nexus between the Wizard’s mortal soul and the Spider Crypt itself. Though it appears dainty and fragile, the amulet cannot be broken by earthly means. It is said that the amulet’s wearer becomes as a spider, weaving and trapping their quarry with speed and guile. Like the other treasures, the amulet has waited for centuries to once again be put to its use.

Skittertrip, by acid_lich

Each of these treasures await adventurers in Ancient Undead Spider Wizard. Can players overcome the Spider Wizard’s Guardians and claim possession over these mighty artifacts, or will the Spider Wizard rise from the grave to protect the cherished creations?

Play to find out.

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